This is the Tiny House we build for the elderly. These are 12' x 16' including the front porch. These easily accommodate the resident of the house with a bed, table, and chair. The cost per house for materials, local labor, lunches for workers and community while the building is approx. $1,700.00

Keep scrolling to see how we build our homes. These are high-quality homes that will last for decades.

We dig the foundation and put 2 rows of rebar to solidify the home. The lower half of the house is concrete block and the upper half is wood with a zinc roof. All houses have a 4' wide front porch. The inside is completed with a concrete floor.

Elderly Care

Tiny Houses
Supplemental Food Program.
In the Dominican Republic there are no senior care centers for people to move to. It is the family's responsibility to care for their parents when they get older. What happens to widows or widowers when they do not have the family to provide and care for them? The community inside the villages takes on those responsibilities. For these communities, it may be more than they have...

What you provide for the communities is a small supplemental food bag designed to ease their burden. These bags are delivered once every two weeks. The first delivery has 3 lbs. rice, 2 lbs. pasta, 1 lb. sugar, and 3-4oz bags cooking oil. The second delivery has 3 lbs. rice, 2 lbs. pasta, 6oz salt, and 1lb beans. The cost per bag of food is approx. $6.50. These are hand delivered and the health of the recipient is also checked. We assist 75 recipients in 4 villages